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Monday, April 23rd, 2018

Vector Service

Vector Elements A vector graphic is an image that is stored by a computer as lines, circles, polygons, and Bezier curves. There are many other primitive shapes, but most 2 dimensional representations can be made using this set of basic shapes. The computer program that is working with a vector graphic file uses mathematics to display the image.

Vinyl cutterIn the personalization and recognition industry there are many devices that utilize vector graphics.  In a sign shop a vinyl cutter requires coordinates to drag the carbide blade through a vinyl substrate and create a graphic. For an engraving and trophy shop a rotary engraver works mostly using vector graphics to guide the tool tip from one location to the next.  When a laser engraver is used to laser cut material to size or shape it is using vector graphics to guide the beam.  In screen printing vector graphics give the artist control over individual elements of a design, allowing for easy manipulation and creation of trap layers, choke layers, and spot color separations.

Process Vector Bitmap Preferred
Graphic processes preferred artwork type
Laser engraving Yes Yes Both
Mechanical engraving Yes Some Vector
Digital printing Yes Yes Both
Vinyl Cut Yes NO Vector
Screen Print Yes Some Vector
Sandblasting Yes Some Vector


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